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Miracle-Ear USA is a fast-growing part of the Miracle-Ear franchise network with 45 hearing aid centers across the midwest. Miracle-Ear is the leader for continuous innovation in hearing care and cutting-edge technology. With Miracle-Ear, patients gain access to individually targeted and prescriptive hearing solutions that reconnect them to the people and things they love, which can drastically improve their quality of life.

Miracle-Ear USA’s highly experienced hearing healthcare professionals are devoted to helping patients suffering with hearing loss or other hearing issues. No one should suffer the effects of hearing loss, including social isolation, depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, loneliness, increased risk of falls, and diminished overall health. Miracle-Ear USA is here to help! We offer solutions for every lifestyle and budget. If you or someone you know is suffering with hearing loss — call now!

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Here's the facts.

The consequences of untreated hearing loss.


People with mild hearing loss (25dB) are 3 times more likely to have a history of falling.

Adults with untreated hearing loss experience 30-40% faster decline in cognitive ability.

Adults with untreated hearing loss are up to 5 times more likely to develop dementia.

90% of people that have tinnitus (ringing in the ears) also have some degree of hearing loss.

The Advocates Podcast

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Senior citizens are an active, social, and vibrant part of our communities. The Advocates, presented by Miracle-Ear USA, is where seniors can find original and diverse content designed to engage today’s dynamic and productive senior lifestyle. Matter of fact, The Advocates simply do not believe that retirement and aging means fading into the background – quite the opposite. It’s time for that stigma to go!

The Advocates podcast spotlights individuals, organizations, and events dedicated to senior interests, such as health, lifestyle, hobbies, travel, finances, continued education, and aging. The resources and information discussed in each podcast episode are specifically designed for seniors.

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Dan Slapak is a Hearing Instrument Specialist working in Miracle-Ear's Chesterfield location. He's a St. Louis native and is proud to call it home. He says the deep community traditions in areas like Kirkwood and Webster Groves is why St. Louis is one of the greatest places to live and raise a family.

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Miracle-Ear Foundation: Enhancing Lives through the Gift of Sound™

With a commitment to helping individuals live and hear more fully, the Miracle-Ear Foundation was established in 1990, to offer the Gift of Sound to individuals and families in need.

The Miracle-Ear Foundation’s Gift of Sound hearing aid program helps those with hearing loss gain access to hearing aids. The program is designed for people who lack the financial means to provide for their hearing health needs.

The Miracle-Ear Mission is a partnership project between the Miracle-Ear Foundation and local St. Louis Miracle-Ear franchise owner Tiffany Davis. This one-day special event held at Busch Stadium dispensed 200 free hearing aids to those within the St. Louis metro area who lack the finances or resources to gain hearing help.

Check out our Miracle-Ear Mission segment on Fox 2 News: Learn more at miracleearmission.org


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Frequently Asked Questions

Hearing aids do so much more than help you hear. They connect you to the people and things you love: dinner with friends, music, theater, holidays with family, golf and the list goes on. Find out all there is to know about hearing aids:

1Do I have to wear two hearing aids?
Hearing with both ears offers many advantages, such as increased ability to locate sound sources, hearing nuances and less listening strain. The Better Hearing Institute also cites the following reasons: People wearing two hearing aids understand speech and conversation better. With two hearing aids, people can hear sounds from a farther distance. Loud sounds are better tolerated, because a lower volume control setting is required with two hearing aids. With a lower volume control setting, the chance of hearing aid feedback with a binaural fitting is reduced. Consumers with binaural fittings express greater satisfaction than people with one hearing aid. Whether two aids are right for you depends on your hearing loss and individual needs, including the type and severity of hearing loss in each ear. You should discuss your communication needs with your hearing healthcare provider to determine if you are a candidate for binaural hearing aids.
2Do hearing aids really work today?
Today’s advanced hearing aids are very effective. Recent developments in technology have resulted in hearing aids that are easy to use, effective, and comfortable to wear. Learn more about how hearing aids work.
3Do hearing aids help my tinnitus (ringing)?
According to the American Tinnitus Association, some tinnitus patients with hearing loss experience total or partial tinnitus relief while wearing hearing aids. There are many variables that determine success. However, if a patient has a hearing loss in the frequency range of the tinnitus, hearing aids may reintroduce the ambient sounds that naturally cover the tinnitus.
4How much do hearing aids cost?
Hearing aids vary in cost, depending on your level of loss, the style of hearing aid and the level of technology. We recommend getting your hearing tested by a hearing care professional and then discussing with them the best options for you. We also want to make it clear that our hearing aid solutions are all-inclusive. This means that when you purchase a set of hearing aids with us, you also receive complimentary lifetime service, including annual hearing tests, clean and checks, fittings and much more. We're there for you every step of the way!
5What is the best hearing aid?
The best hearing aid is going to vary from person to person. There are many factors to consider when choosing a set of hearing aids, including degree of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. We recommend talking to your hearing care professional about the best option for you or visit our Hearing Aid Finder.
6What if my hearing aids are plugged with wax?
Your hearing care professional will be able to clean the wax out of your hearing aids, just call you local Miracle-Ear center and schedule an aftercare appointment. However, if you have excess in your ears, we recommend you visit your physician to have it removed.
7How often should I change my hearing aid battery?
Battery life varies based on the battery size as well as active features being used throughout the day, such as wireless streaming and how often some features need to engage and disengage based on your environment. A lot of our hearing aids feature rechargeable batteries, which is extremely convenient!
8Are hearing aids waterproof?
Most of our BTE and RIC hearing aids are dust-proof and water resistant. Our custom models are not water resistant.
9Will hearing aids completely reverse hearing loss?
Hearing aids cannot restore your hearing to a normal level, but rather help to amplify and distinguish sounds in a wide range of listening environments.
10What if I don't want people notice my hearing aid?
First of all, wearing a hearing aid is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of! You should be proud that you're taking steps toward better hearing. However, if you're looking for a more discreet option, any of our custom hearing options would be just what you're looking for. We would specifically recommend our GENIUS 3.0 Mirage IIC, which is nearly invisible and our most discreet hearing aid.
11Will hearing aids reduce background noise?
No hearing aid can completely eliminate background noise, but technology now allows us to de-emphasize noise like sounds. Many digital aids distinguish between speech and non-speech sounds to help keep wearers engaged in and attuned to conversations, even in noisy situations.
12How well will hearing aids help me hear again?
Success with hearing aids depends on several factors. Individual experiences will vary depending on the severity of the hearing loss, the accuracy of the evaluation, proper fit and the ability to adapt to amplification. Hearings aids do not restore natural hearing, but the assistance they provide may help their wearers live their lives to the fullest. Today’s hearing aids provide better sound quality than ever. Losses that were difficult to fit years ago are now possible due to advancements in hearing aid technology.