About Miracle-Ear USA

Miracle-Ear USA is a fast-growing part of the Miracle-Ear franchise network with 45 hearing aid centers across the midwest.

Miracle-Ear is the leader for continuous innovation in hearing care and cutting-edge technology. With Miracle-Ear, patients gain access to individually targeted and prescriptive hearing solutions that reconnect them to the people and things they love, which can drastically improve their quality of life.

Miracle-Ear USA’s highly experienced hearing healthcare professionals are devoted to helping patients suffering with hearing loss or other hearing issues. No one should suffer the effects of hearing loss, including social isolation, depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, loneliness, and increased risk of falls.

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  • 70 Years of Expertise
  • Exclusive Hearing & Lifestyle Assessment
  • Solutions for Every Lifestyle & Budget
  • Tinnitus Help
  • Free Lifetime Service & Aftercare