Bentonville Special Event!

Miracle-Ear invites you to join us for our three day special sales event happening at our Bentonville, AR location. Click the link below to schedule your FREE hearing aid evaluation!

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Bentonville, AR

1003 SE 14th Street Ste 12. Bentonville, AR 72712

One mile west of Hwy 49 in Pinnacle Plaza, directly across the street from the Bentonville Schools Offices.

Laurie Guerrero, BC-HIS

Why I Love Miracle-Ear

I have a passion for helping people hear a better day! I truly enjoy the teaching that comes along with hearing health for both the client and the family or significant others that come along to the appointment. Hearing health is a process and I am honored to be able to take that journey with the person that selects Miracle-Ear and the services we provide nationwide. I take that trust to heart and always do my best to make the journey as smooth as possible.